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Here you can upgrade your skills and talents by getting put into a dorm and dueling other members, including those in your dorm, in higher or lower dorms, and even the teachers, testers, mods, or admins

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    Cyberdark Test

    (Burning Abyss)Dante
    (Burning Abyss)Dante

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    Cyberdark Test

    Post by (Burning Abyss)Dante on Sun Jan 18, 2015 12:35 pm

    This test consists of three sections. Section two and three are taken together and timed. Only Proto Gold members can take this test if the item is purchased. Currently only (Annihilator) Killer is allowed to give out this test. All 3 tests must be passed to advance into the Cyberdark Dorm.

    This is a much more difficult and strict test than the basic dorm test. Also this will be made in a tournament like fashion. If there are any mistakes in ruling then there will be no chance to undo what you have done.Forgetting of card effects such as gold sarcophagus is an example where messing up no longer reduces focus points. It instead makes the duel that much harder.

    Section one will consist of ONE match. Every area will be graded HARSHLY.

    Section two will consist of ten ruling questions sent via pm. Between this and section three there is a 30 minute timer.

    Section three will consist of a deck construction activity. You must create a certain deck to the best of your abilities. It requires a 40 card main, 15 side, and 15 extra. All testers will look at this to determine if it is a pass. Between this and section two there is a 30 minute timer.

    Section 1: Match

    Match: ?/1

    Did they win?

    Number of Cards: ?/1



    Deck Build: ?/2

    Did the deck use cards that worked great with the deck? Were tech/support cards appropriate?

    Side Deck Number of Cards: ?/1



    Use of Cards: ?/2

    Were cards used to their full potential? Were ANY bad moves made?

    Side Deck Choices: ?/1

    This requires a screenshot. Does the side deck cover for most/all meta, especially ones that counter its own?

    Siding: ?/2

    Did they side the best cards possible with their side deck? Is what they sided OUT good choices? (notice that this focuses on what was sided out instead of the normal test which didn't look at that.

    Attitude: ?/1

    Better have a good attitude when testing for this dorm.

    Total: ?/13

    Fail: 0-9
    Pass: 10-11

    Section 2: Ruling Quiz


    Fail: 0-8
    Pass: 9-10

    Section 3: Deck Build

    Pass or Fail

    Fail: Testers agree that the deck is not good enough.

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