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Here you can upgrade your skills and talents by getting put into a dorm and dueling other members, including those in your dorm, in higher or lower dorms, and even the teachers, testers, mods, or admins

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    Chatbox Rules

    (Burning Abyss)Dante
    (Burning Abyss)Dante

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    Chatbox Rules

    Post by (Burning Abyss)Dante on Sat Jul 26, 2014 3:27 am

    These rules are simple, they are for the chatbox.

    1. Cursing at another member is NOT tolerated, we have younglings here. It will be counted as an infraction.

    2. No speaking of or mentioning pornographic material or anything to do with ***. Any mention will be counted as an infraction. We have younglings on this site.

    3. No spamming. Spamming is repeatedly saying things that have nothing contribute to the conversation. Spamming is treated as an infraction.

    4. Don't disrespect ANY members, whether they are students OR staff. Can result in an infraction.

    5. No excessive use of caps. Can result in an infraction.

    6. Do not post links that may be harmful or inappropriate for ANY age group of users, or that may be harmful to the site. Wil result in an infraction.

    The system for punishment of these rules is as follows:

    First infraction: Verbal warning.
    Second infraction: User is kicked.
    Third infraction: User is banned from the chatbox for 24 hours.

    Also, depending on the severity of the infraction, the user can be given more severe punishments. If a user continues to harass or anything of the such in forums or over DN, ban him as you see fit from the entire site.

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